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Following Fulton Ross


A Leading Advocate for the  Arts

In light of her creative leadership and commitment to art as a way of life, Fulton Ross is honored to join the Executive Board of the Halo Arts Project, a charitable foundation of visionaries whose mission is to fund the work and advancement of talented emerging artists, mid-range artists and established artists.

​In her role as Creative Director, she spearheads the effort to identify and promote artists and the art community. "Art is a fundamental aspect of our culture", she reasons, "so by promoting the work of artists we are helping to build and enrich the culture. I've always been about that."




Summer Exhibition


Martha's Vineyard!

Returning to Martha's Vineyard after 28 years, Gale presents a solo exhibition of a group of her most enduring  and powerful works, and a talk on

The Legacy and the Art of Collecting.

This one-day, private event is being held on August 16, 2023 by invitation only.  Friends old and new are welcome to attend, browse and enjoy the portfolio of collectible works on display. For details reach out to the artist on the contact page.

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