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Fulton Ross Featured in  Historic Tribute to Harvard Educator

In 2022, Dr. James Cash was named Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School. The esteemed educator retired after 27 years if service to the university. 

In his honor, an historic building on the Harvard campus was renamed after him. His portrait, which hangs in the anteroom, was created by Gale Fulton Ross.

Harvard Interview with Gale Fulton Ross

The artist reflects on her eminent subject and on the process of creating evocative portraiture

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She was casually browsing the thrift store aisles when a beautiful painting caught her eye. That was her introduction to collectible fine art.

(April 2022) The Malden Public Library and Converse Memorial Galleries has acquired the Fulton Ross painting Modern Sojourner to add to its curated collection.  Malden, Massachusetts is the home town of the artist, a fact that created extra excitement as the piece was put on display.

The artist was celebrated at a public event in which she delivered a lecture entitled "Moments in Creativity: a Talk with Visual Artist Gale Fulton Ross". The event also marked the beginning of an exhibition that examined the relationships of Sojourner Truth to the Malden community, with which the feminist and abolitionist had ties. The exhibition runs through May, and Modern Sojourner finds a long term home.


The autumn EOTW After Party exhibition showcased the many  talents of an international group of female artists, including the master Fulton Ross.

The portrait work of Fulton Ross was chosen for the 2022 cover of a biography of Duke Ellington, and for creative elements related to an orchestral performance of Ellington's famous work "Black, Brown, and Beige". 

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